Facebook video app launch for Content Creators

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Facebook has announced that they are building a new video creation app designed especially with Content Creators in mind.

The app, which will be launched later this year, has the objective of empowering the community of creators on Facebook. It will have direct access to Facebook Live as well as a new “creative kit”. In this Content Creator toolbox you’ll be able to create schmick intros and outros, utilise custom stickers, frames among many other features.

You will also be able to interact with your fans and followers via a Community tab on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. There are also tests being run of a video tab in the navigation bar of its flagship mobile applications. When you press the play button of the tab an “endless stream” of Facebook videos will appear connecting the user to content from users they follow and videos liked or shared by friends. (Source)

While initially made just for its star broadcasters and verified accounts owned by journalists, celebrities and other online influencers, if it proves successful we anticipate that this will branch out to more users. We think it likely that other apps will crop up to help make your lives easier as the VAMP app does.

What we find most exciting about this investment by Facebook into the Content Creator community is that it’s another step towards legitimising Influencer Marketing as its own fully fledged advertising medium. Their recent proposed solution to sponsored posts (which we wrote about here) was another clear exemplar of the company’s legitimisation of you as powerful marketers. It’s clear that they see Influencers as the leaders of new advertising and want to help empower you to grow and flourish as Creators.

Watch this space for new developments.


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Natalie Popow

Natalie Popow

Marketing Manager | Natalie is a tea-loving Brit and book nerd. She arrived early to the Vamp party and loves coming into work everyday. Content creation, in her view, opens up game-changing opportunities for diverse creatives from all different backgrounds to shape a media that better represents the world.
June 27, 2017

Facebook video app launch for Content Creators