What are London’s Most Instagram Worthy Photo Locations?

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Since Vamp opened up an office in London, we have been scouting the most photographic locations of this vibrant city. London is jam packed full of Instagram worthy places that will set your feed apart from everyone else’s, so grab your raincoat and camera and start your journey. Whether you’re looking for something quirky to create a buzz of interest or something colourful to light up the dreary London weather, there is a place for you.

These are the best shooting spots for a variation of different styles and forms, with a tiny bit of straying away from the iconic London photographs and views.

Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London

Sitting right in the heart of London, Neal’s Yard is perfect for anyone craving a photo that shines with colour. Just a ten minute walk from Trafalgar Square and Kings Cross Station, the colours contrast perfectly against the typically London grey. A great spot to find a quirky café to shoot your morning brekkie or even share your OOTD with your audience.

The Rolling Bridge, S Wharf Rd, Paddington

Looking for a quirky bit of architecture to bring attention to your feed? The rolling bridge is a hidden gem of London, a small piece of architectural mastery unknown to many locals. Great for the architecture photographers or even for a fashion shot.

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Banksy Tunnel, Leake St, London

Otherwise known as the Banksy tunnel, it hosts an abundance of graffiti originating off a Banksy artwork. The art livens the tunnel from another dark dingy alleyway. Whilst this artists’ playground is usually bypassed by tourists, its only a tiny stretch from the city centre, located at Waterloo station. A perfect backdrop for full-length fashion shots. The best thing about graffiti is that it’s always changing so you can provide your followers with a variety of backgrounds from one spot.

St James Park, London

Sitting right in between Buckingham palace, Westminster and the banks of the Thames, St James is an escape from the hustle of London’s city centre. It features a long lake that is perfect for feeding the swans, but also has plenty of green spaces that really shine in autumn, making it the perfect natural light setting for a picnic flatlay.

Sunday snowdrops… ☀️

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Waterloo Bridge

Photographing from the bridge provides an excellent view of the London Eye, with the British Parliament houses and Big Ben in the background. Whilst this view is iconic during the day, it is especially spectacular at night. Night photographers, here is your challenge!


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March 14, 2018

What are London’s Most Instagram Worthy Photo Locations?