How the new iPhone 7 & 7+ will up your photography game

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Today Apple announced the upcoming release of the new iPhone 7 and 7+ with some new phenomenal features, particularly to the camera, that will help content creators and influencers take higher quality, brighter, lighter and sharper images using just your iPhone. We’ve broken down the key features of the camera that will up your game. The new iPhone 7, in particular the 7+, is great for influencers who don’t have the funds to invest in a DSLR camera or the photography knowledge to shoot with a DSLR.



iPhone 7

12 Mega Pixel camera

f1.8 lens, means let in much more light.

Updated flash, 4 LED flash so its twice as bright

Image stabiliser (It was in the 6+ lens and now in the 7 & 7+)

Raw DNG files which is fantastic, when editing way more dynamic range to play with (key to success for professional photographers)

iPhone 7+

All of the above features of the iPhone 7 as well as the below.

Dual-lens camera system with 2 x 12 Mega Pixel lenses on the back of the phone:

1 x wide-angle lens

1 x telephoto lens


More light when taking photo’s.

The larger f/1.8 aperture lens lets 50% more light onto the sensor creating brighter pictures.

New flash

The new flash has 4 LED’s and a flicker sensor which can read the flickering of artificial lighting and compensate for it in order to create a better photo.

Better selfies

The iPhone 7 has a 7MP HD camera on the front (previously 5MP) which will provide clearer higher quality selfies.

Turn your live images into boomerangs for Instagram

Instagram has optimised their app to cater for the iPhone changes and will have the ability to turn live photos into a boomerang

Capture the best version of your photo

The Image Signal Processor (ISP) scans the scene and looks for objects and bodies, sets exposure/focus/colour meaning that you can take multiple photos in one snap and it will fuse them into one to create the best version of your  photo.

Greater flexibility in editing your images

You will now have the ability to capture the raw file which means greater flexibility when editing your pictures, previously this was only possible with a DSLR.

Serious storage space

The base model now has 32GB, the mid-tier has 128GB and the top-tier comes with the generous 256GB so it won’t matter how many selfies or videos you take there will be plenty of room to store them all.

Greater zoom ability

The iPhone 7+ has a zoom feature built into the iPhone, simply go into camera and you can zoom in up to 10x.

The iPhone 7+ will have the ability to take photos with depth of field

Now this is impressive. Using the new portrait feature you will be able to take photo’s that blurs the out-of -focus objects in the background and focus on the person in the foreground creating a depth of field using the dual lenses. What’s even better is that even before you take a photo you can see this effect in real time.

We would love to hear what do you think of the new iPhone 7 & 7+ simply comment below.



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September 08, 2016

How the new iPhone 7 & 7+ will up your photography game