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Instagram is a hub of stories in the palm of your hand; a picture tells a thousand words. A key way to engage and build a loyal following is through storytelling whether its for entertainment, education, style inspiration or simply escapism. We’ve selected some of our favourite Instagram storytellers to showcase how build a visual narrative.


“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

These little lego globetrotters provide a light-hearted satirical commentary on travel blogging. Their journey began in 2013 when they packed up one day and started to explore Europe. Hardened travellers that they are, they’ve survived a shark attack, an encounter with a seagull and a hairy moment with a spider. Follow their action-packed adventures on Instagram for daily creative escape. Your inner child will thank you!


“We all love this crazy little bird, and the experience of caring for her when she was utterly helpless and then watching her mature into a strong, brave and wise female has been amazing, and is certainly something we feel is worth sharing.” – Cameron Bloom, Penguin the Magpie photographer

The tale of an unlikely friendship between a boy and a magpie, the story of a rescued magpie chick. Penguin fell out of a 20m high Norfolk Island pine tree and would have died without immediate care, but Noah and family took her in and nursed her back to health. Free to roam where she pleased, Penguin grew in strength and character and developed a very close relationship with the Bloom family. Photographer, Cameron Bloom, was able to use the power of visual imagery to beautifully capture what is a unique and extremely interesting event in their lives. These mesmerising images emotionally connect their followers as we need to not only see it to believe it, but also to be able to share in their experience.

7 out of 10 for Rueben's pasta

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Day dreamers

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Following the cheeky life and times of Mochi the pug-turned-movie-star, @justanotherdogblog re-enacts moments from famous films, leaving us guessing which iconic film moment Mochi is going to represent next. Posting first a picture of Mochi modelling for a film shot and then, a day or two later, placing him side by side with the frame of the film which he was re-enacting, Mochi definitely knows how to keep his audience entertained. With over 8,000 followers Mochi was invited to be featured on the Today Show! Mochi the pug gives a prime example of how Instagram can be a refreshing source of positivity, amusement and entertainment.

Mochi's Movie Moments No. 84: Zoolander 2! Well done @muffymarracco #zoolander #mochismoviemoments

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#tbt One of Mochi's past movie moments which has come back round again. Who's seen Minions? #throwbackthursday

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Inspired by nature and anatomy, this Instagram account captures moments of fragility and quiet beauty in a way that is distinctly her own. When she’s not busy creating stunning imagery Louise is a neuroscientist and occasionally gives us a glimpse into her working life through her imagery. Louise certainly demonstrates the power of Instagram providing a window into worlds that most of us would’t normally get to encounter or may not event know existed.


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April 20, 2016

Storytelling on Instagram