Vamp Collective x Bulldog Gin

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The Vamp Collective recently worked with a group of amazing Vamp talent to promote Bulldog Gin and their special pop-up events around Australian CBD venues. We’ve selected some of Vamp’s favourite shots from the campaign highlighting what we think makes them great photos.

What is the product?
Bulldog Gin + Bulldog Gin events

This is a great example of selecting a viewpoint which emphasises an experience. @travelsofastylist shot the Bulldog Gin event, with the camera positioned directly above and perfectly centred down to the table. This angle creates a social dynamic, allowing the viewer to be part of the action, socialising together with friends. The composition engages the eye to circle the image from foreground to background, and all the details in between. It connects the viewer to the Influencer by sharing the experience.

Vamp Collective Bulldog Gin 02

“The post incorporates exactly what we were looking for from Influencers attending these events – an image which reflects the delicious Bulldog Gin & Tonic, showcases the venue, and the unique style of the Influencer.

The Bulldog Gin & Tonic looks refreshing and there is subtle yet present branding of both Bulldog Gin and Taylor’s Rooftop.  The image is light, bright and stylish.” – Bulldog Gin

In this photo, the purpose is the aim or use. The focus is strategically placed on Bulldog Gin with all other details blurred out in the background. This allows the additional background to provide context and colour, but not compete with the product. With @themilkteeth’s detailed photography she has highlighted Bulldog Gin’s aim of a delicious drinking experience, perfect for mixing in cocktails.

vamp collective bulldog gin 03

Our Vamp Influencers also emphasised the personality of Bulldog Gin, playing with the dark tones of the product packaging, the distinct flavours, or taking ideas from product tasting notes or information.

@therubycanvas actually spelt this out, with a card saying “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Yourself” which spoke to Bulldog Gin’s personal identity of living life instinctively, refusing to be defined or typecast.

vamp collective Bulldog Gin 04

We always encourage our Influencers to apply for Vamp campaigns that authentically speak to them and fit their style, voice and aesthetic. This was a perfect match with @justjacky and his very adorable french bulldog Archie.

Together, with a little help from Archie, they created a very on point boomerang, which had both the Vamp team and the client replaying again and again.

Many thanks to all our Vamp talent that participated in this campaign, your posts and images were the bomb-diggity. If you would like to become a Vamp content creator, apply now and find out if you’ve got what it takes!


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October 28, 2016

Vamp Collective x Bulldog Gin