Vamp Collective x Lagavulin

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We recently worked with a group of hand selected influencers from the Vamp Collective to promote the 200th Anniversary bottle of Lagavulin Whisky. We’ve selected some of Vamp’s favourite shots from the campaign highlighting what we think makes them great photos.

What is the product?
Lagavulin 200th Anniversary Limited Edition Whisky




Luke & Joe from 2hungryguys keep their images no fuss, clean, simple and all about the food. With little props in sight they get creative in how to make an image stand out in their feed. In this case they are capturing the Whisky in motion – a splash that’s hard to miss and you can’t stop a smile from spreading across your face. In our recent interview with the 2hungryguys they discussed how important this expression of joy is to their images: “For most of our photos we are trying to evoke a feeling of anticipated joy. Like that little flutter in your stomach when you see the waiter bringing your food to the table and your joy when it’s everything you imagined.”


A great example of selecting a photography style to compliment your objective. In this photo Blake strategically placed the bottle of Lagavulin Whisky in the foreground of the image, making it the hero of the shot, and photographed the scene so that only the bottle remained in focus allowing the additional props in the background to provide depth/texture but not compete with the hero item.




We love the rich and bold colours in Tri’s campaign picture. At its core this image is compositionally simplistic, featuring the Whisky bottle at the centre of the image with a small amount of props, however the few props used create great depth and texture but allow the label to do all the talking. The styling, lighting and editing of this image make it look masculine and premium, reflective of the Lagavulin brand.


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September 22, 2016

Vamp Collective x Lagavulin