Vamp Collective x THE HORSE

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We recently worked with a group of hand selected influencers from the Vamp Collective to promote the new Monogram feature of The Horse Leather Goods. We caught up with our friends at The Horse, Scott and Amy, who shared with us a few of their favourite posts from this campaign. They gave us some key insights into the kind of campaign content they like to see and what kind of aesthetic best aligns with their brand.

What is the product?
The Horse Monogrammed Wallets

Who is the Horse?

The Horse is owned and operated by husband and wife Scott and Amy Hawkes in their studio in Sydney, Australia. Since 2009, The Horse has built a reputation for creating a curated collection of leather lifestyle goods – classic, go-to pieces designed to be agelessly refined.The Horse design philosophy centers around magnifying what is essential and editing out excess, and we are always inspired by the contemporary Australian lifestyle.



These were our favourite images from the campaign, simple, strong and feminine without being overly “pretty” and styled. Natural materials incorporated with the marble top, leather lounge, colour palette was strong and on point.



We like the natural element of being outside with the flowers dropping on the ground. We find the over the shoulder looking down is a very popular style and our audience responds well to this image, it also keeps the product the hero.

Grain of leather in wallet showcased well, with a simple but lovely post. Less is more for The Horse, with the product being the hero. We also liked that this was one of the only photo’s that showed it open.




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December 15, 2016

Vamp Collective x THE HORSE