Unleashed Women: Vamp team partners with The Hunger Project

Vamp x Unleashed Women
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We are very excited to announce our charity partnership with The Hunger Project on their Unleashed Women fundraising project! Just as our Influencers inspire and influence their Instagram followers, amazing Unleashed Women worldwide are empowered to enact positive change and take huge steps to end hunger in their local communities.

We believe in the power of social media to enact positive change and our Influencers have the influence to make their voices heard. They know how to captivate an audience, raise awareness about an issue and empower their audience to make a difference.

What is Unleashed Women?

A powerful global movement empowering women to end hunger. The movement was created to unleash the potential of Australian women to make a difference in the world.

They achieve this through focusing on:

 1. Maternal and Child Health – to give mothers and babies access to quality healthcare and nutrition

 2.  Ending Child Marriage – to keep girls in school so they can reach their full potential

 3. Microfinance – to give women access to microfinance loans and financial literacy training so they can start a business and be financially independent

Vamp x Unleashed Women

Just as our collective of high quality Content Creators inspires and influences their engaged audience of followers, many women in under-developed communities have been empowered with the help of The Hunger Project to inspire and influence their communities. There are some truly amazing stories that have come out of The Hunger Project’s work with communities globally.

Vamp x Unleashed Women

“Unleashed Women is a movement for women who are bold and dream big; who want to be part of a collective of like minded and like hearted women; and who care about making a positive impact on the world. Unleashed Women are global citizens who stand for a brighter future for women everywhere.”

Melanie Noden

CEO, The Hunger Project

How is Vamp getting involved?

The Vamp team – of which 64% are women and all of whom are extremely passionate about the industry we work in – have set ourselves up with a fundraising page for Unleashed Women. We are specially designing limited edition Unleashed Women t-shirts and will be selling these throughout September. All profits will go to The Hunger Project. Our goal is to raise $1000 by the end of September!

The inspirational Influencers in the Vamp Collective are getting on board to help us achieve our goal. Each Influencer will receive a t-shirt to feature on their Instagram, driving their followers to the shoppable link in their bio. This is running in a pretty similar mode to our hugely successful New Balance e-Commerce campaign earlier this year.

We’ll write again when the shoppable link is live so you can get your hands on this kick-ass limited edition t-shirt! Follow @vampbrands on Instagram so you definitely don’t miss out!

In the meantime, if you want to donate to our fundraising page (and receive our undying love, gratitude as well as a generous helping of karma!) you can do so by clicking the button below.

Vamp x Unleashed Women

Become an Unleashed Women fundraiser 

If you’re inspired by this empowering movement and want to get more involved, you can sign up as an individual or as a team to become a fundraiser for Unleashed Women!

Vamp x Unleashed Women


Get Unleashed! Join as an individual or team – once you’ve created your personalised fundraising page, you can share the link with friends, family, and colleagues!

Vamp x Unleashed Women


Unleashed Women are there to support you along the way with this fun challenge in August and September! You can connect with other Unleashed Women and fundraise together! Use the Fundraising Resources page for useful tips.

Vamp x Unleashed Women


The funds you raise will go directly to The Hunger Project to empower women globally to end hunger.


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August 23, 2017

Unleashed Women: Vamp team partners with The Hunger Project