Vamp x Le Petite Rosé

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We collaborated with Le Petite Rosé, inviting Influencers and Content Creators to show us how they drink Rosé Wine during summer with a select few chosen to attend the Kick-Off Summer party.

Great content has an ability to transport you instantly into the setting leaving you wanting to reach out right through the screen. We’ve selected our favourite images from Le Petite Rosé campaigns that ooze summer and leave you wanting to call up your bestie to meet you for a drink.

We find it near impossible to look at this picture and not feel the cold glass of icy frosè in our hand. We love that Pauline tapped into the trend of blending Rosé with Ice to make frosé for this image coupled with cosy soft sheets. We also love the complimentary soft muted tones that bring a femininity to the image. It’s the small touches like the purple flowers at the top of the drink that make this a stunningly styled image, simple and elegant.

Jessica took a collection of images for this campaign including this beautiful close up. We love the styling of this image – the inclusion of rose petals frozen in ice is both creative and decedent. We also like that Jessica chose an up-close crop of the Rosé keeping it beautifully styled but not overdone given the tight frame.

Take a look at Jessica’s trip to the Australian Open here, her prize for being selected as Le Petite Rosé’s favourite content creator for this campaign.


Another beautifully styled image that makes you want to sit down and take a seat. The pairing of food and Rosé is simple but effective, it keeps the scene realistic and relatable in addition to drool-worthy! The cheese platter colours are complimentary to the pink tones of Le Petite Rosé as is the glass table and vase to the glass bottle.

Flowers and Rosé, I mean do we really need to say anymore? In this image Chris (featured) made us smile and captured our hearts.


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February 20, 2017

Vamp x Le Petite Rosé