What makes a successful Instagram account

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What makes a successful Instagram account?

This is the million dollar question, and one no doubt everyone is trying to answer! Success is creating an account that users love and want to follow and engage with, so what do they want? Every Instagram user and what they are looking for is different. For example they may use Instagram to be whisked away to another country escaping their day job for just a moment or perhaps to get some serious fitspo and the best workout routines. It could be both. Whilst these two objectives and the accounts they view may contain very different content, there are still some core elements that these both will have that you, regardless of your content theme, can look to implement in order to take your account to the next level and build a following.


If you want to be treated as a professional or simply want to be regrammed by some of your favourite brands, the first thing you need to do is ensure you are creating good quality images. What exactly do we mean by quality? Clear and crisp images with good lighting and products in focus. You don’t need to have a professional camera, in fact many well known influencers still use just their iPhone on HDR. Consider the lighting, such as how the shadows fall in your photo or if there are any strong reflections. Beware, also, of the midday sun which washes out all colour and details in an image.

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We know that you put a lot of care and effort into each photo you take, however, don’t forget to invest time in planning how your profile will look as a whole with each of your individual images sitting next to one another. This is particularly important for any new potential followers that may be checking out your profile. First impressions count and we will be the deciding factor as to whether they follow your account or not. Going back to quality – make sure that you are editing your images in a similar way. You don’t have to use the same filter but if most of your images are dark and moody a vibrant bright shot is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

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Make sure you post frequently, perhaps consider taking a variety of photos in one day when you have the time and then drip feed these onto your account throughout the week to ensure you are constantly providing content for your followers – keeping you front of mind. Also consider what time of day your followers are most frequently on Instagram to ensure you are posing during the times they will be browsing. If you aren’t sure when the best time is for you to post then try experimenting with posting different times of the day and see how quickly and how many of your followers respond.


Instagram is a community, a conversation connecting like-minded people from all across the world and you should participate and encourage your followers to participate in this conversation. When writing your comments, ask your influencers open questions and respond to those that comment back or ask you questions. If your followers can see that you engage with them then they are more likely to comment and like your photos, building a relationship with you.

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April 23, 2016

What makes a successful Instagram account